Shirodhara (shiro-head/dhara-flow)

      A stream of warm oil flows from the forehead into the scalp allowing brainwaves to slow down and the body comes to a deeper state of stillness. This treatment helps nourish the hair and scalp, encourage sound sleep and calms the body and mind.  Scalp, neck and shoulder massage included creating an even deeper state of serenity.

       75 minutes ~  $135+tx

       * The oil used for this treatment may be taken home with you.

Champissage (Indian scalp massage)

                                   Ayurvedic Massage and Spa Treatments using the Ancient Wisdom of India

In Sanskrit, Ayus means life or living and Veda means knowledge or science. Ayurveda is the knowledge or science of life and being in harmony with one's external and internal environment.  Ayurveda is more than 5000 years old and comes from the ancient Vedas of India. Massage is just one of the techniques used to help care for one's health naturally. Ayurveda incorporates herbs, diet, massage, and lifestyle changes in order to re-establish a level of health and wellness that allows us to develop more quality in our life.  These massage techniques are not intended treatments for disease unless prescribed by an Ayurvedic doctor. They will, however, help increase circulation, improve lymph flow, relieve aches and pains in muscles and joints, help calm and relax the mind, open the pores of the skin for better release of impurities, and aid in digestion.

Please contact me if you have any questions about what might be most appropriate for your individual needs. 

          Swedana (steam or sweat) 

Swedana (steam treatment) is a term from ancient India meaning "to sweat". Based on Ayurvedic principles,

sweating helps release toxins from the body to promote good health and a strong immune system. 

Upper body massage is included in this session. Relaxing, hydrating and cleansing, Swedana is the perfect

complement to most massage therapies. Wonderful during cold and flu season!
75 minutes ~ $120+tx        

                   (30 minute add-on to other treatments ~ $55+tx)

                                                    Marma Point Therapy                                                      

                                                                                                                                   Abhyanga (hot oil massage)

This ancient Ayurvedic treatment nurtures the body and pampers the mind. Heated oil is poured richly onto the skin, hydrating and leaving a healthy glow. Firm friction massage helps stimulate blood and lymph flow and relaxes stressed muscles. Great for stiff, achy joints too. A feeling of health and wellness is the end result.

Optional nasya oil for the sinuses helps to make this the ultimate all over bliss.

 60 minutes ~ $100+tx            90 minutes ~ $140+tx


 Marma Point therapy,  Champissage and the Kansa Wand, are all used to help calm the mind and pacify Vata dosha. The experience is like transforming the surface of a lake laden with debris into a serene, decluttered stillness.  Not only can these techniques be beneficial for relieving headaches and tension, but they also allow the mind to slow down and take a break. Working with pressure points, specialty oils and hot, moist towels helps the skin, nerves, and circulation. Each of these may be used as a stand-alone 30-minute session or integrated into another massage.  


                                               Navara Kizhi Massage  (cloth bundles/heat)

Cloth boluses filled with cooked rice and herbs are soaked in warm

sesame/mahanarayan oils and then massaged vigorously onto the body. Pishinchhali increases circulation, warms the body and focuses on stiff, achey joints. The heat and oil penetrate deep into the tissues restoring vitality. Helps pacify the vata dosha. 

$20 add-on to some of the other massage therapies

                        Kati, Janu or Greeva Basti (Contained warm oil on lower back, knees or shoulder)
A dough ring, filled with heated oil infused with herbs, is placed on the low back, knees or shoulder area. This technique is used to relieve pain and tension to help restore flexibility. Infrared heat keeps

the oil hot while massage helps take this process to a deeper level.  This session includes hot towels and massage on neck and shoulders. The goal is to produce increased circulation and re-establish wellness.

                                  60 minutes ~ $95+tx                            90 minutes ~ $135+tx
* Choose from either Kati (low back), Janu (knees) or Greeva (shoulder) Basti.
             ** Not appropriate for pregnancy, infection, inflammation, bone fractures, joint dislocations or bedsores. 

Pure Joy Massage & Yoga


          Pure Joy Studio

30 minutes ~ $45+tx                                                   30 minutes ~ $45+tx                                                   30 minutes ~ $45+tx

    add-on ~ $12                                                                add-on ~ $12                                                                add-on ~ $12

Kansa Vataki (3 metal foot bowl foot massage)

  This wonderful ritual for overworked feet uses reflexology and a 3 metal foot bowl to release tension and toxins. Coconut and anise oils and an Ubtan powder help create the ultimate pampering of the feet. A relaxing arm, neck and shoulder massage is included. Hot, moist towels remove the powder from the feet to help you step back into your world. 

                                                      60 minutes ~ $95+tx      

                 (You may experience some of this session as an add-on with another massage for $15 extra)

Kansa Face Massage 

    Valuka Swedana (sand/sweat)

  Sterile sand is wrapped in cloth bundles, heated, and then applied to the body in a kneading manner.

This dry heat technique causes localized sweating and can be helpful in relieving aches, pain, and stiffness

in joints and muscles. This session includes massage so you will feel relaxed and energized. Choice of full body
 or particular areas of concern. 
You get to take the bundles home with you! 

60 minutes ~ $100+tx                 90 minutes ~ $140+tx

                  ** Not appropriate for pregnancy, infection, inflammation, bone fractures, joint dislocations or bedsores.