Pure Joy Massage & Yoga is a nurturing space that overlooks Big Walnut Creek in Westerville. Zen-like turtles rest on logs in the creek below and trees sway gently lending to the tranquil environment. We have Therapeutic Massage, Ayurvedic practices, Yoga, Vedanta studies and workshops to help get you back on track and in touch

            with the inner part of you that gets lost when life's distractions and obstacles get in the way. 

Anxiety, low energy and constant illness are all signs of imbalance we can choose to lessen in our lives. 

Come in and find what I like to call, "~Happy, quiet moments~".



   Pure Joy Massage & Yoga and Pure Joy Studio

~ Find your oasis ~

Massage, Ayurveda, Yoga and Vedanta will help you feel renewed, refreshed and reconnected. Life's journey can be remarkably easier to navigate when we have a relaxed body and calmed mind. There is a feeling of relief when we let go of pain and tightness and melt into the softness of just being.
~ Welcome ~

  6260 South Sunbury Road, Westerville, Ohio 43081

   614.406.5613          joyrubs@gmail.com  

Saturday, December 21st
(Pure Joy Studio)

Bring in the sun with a Wiccan-style Winter Solstice Celebration by Psyche Torok.

There will be vegan chili, cornbread, hot apple cider and other goodies afterwards. You must contact Joy at joyrubs@gmail.com if you would like to attend.