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Ayurvedic Massage

      Abhyanga (Hot oil massage)

           This ancient Ayurvedic treatment nurtures the body and pampers the mind. Heated oil is poured richly onto the skin, hydrating and

          leaving a healthy glow. Firm friction massage helps stimulate blood and lymph flow and relaxes stressed muscles. A feeling of health

          and wellness is the end result. Optional nasya oil for the sinuses is wonderful.

                                                                            90 minutes     $120

      Kansa Vataki (3 metal foot bowl massage)

         This wonderful ritual for the overworked foot uses reflexology and a 3 metal foot bowl to release tension and toxins. Special oils and an

         ubtan cleansing powder help create the ultimate foot pampering. A relaxing arm, neck and shoulder massage completes this


                                           60 minutes     $88                                              90 minutes     $120

     Shirodhara (Shiro-head/Dhara-flow)

         A stream of warm oil flows from the forehead into the scalp allowing brain waves to slow down and the body comes to a deeper state

         of stillness. This treatment helps nourish the hair and scalp, encourage sound sleep and calm the body and mind.  Scalp, neck and

         shoulder massage included.

                                                                                          75 minutes     $110

     Swedana  (Sweat)

         Swedana (steam treatment) is a term from ancient India meaning "to sweat". Based on Ayurvedic principles, thousands of years

         old, sweating helps release toxins from the body to promote good health and a strong immune system. Upper body massage is

         included in this session. Relaxing, hydrating and cleansing, Swedana is the perfect complement to most massage therapies.

                                          75 minutes     $105                               30 minute add on to other treatments     $45


     Kati Basti  (Dough ring on the low back)

        A dough ring is placed on the low back and filled with warm herbal oil. This technique has been used to relieve pain, soreness and

        tension in order to restore flexibility. Can assist in helping muscle spasms, stiffness and chronic low back pain. The hour includes hot

        moist towels on low back and massage of neck and shoulders.

                                            60 minutes     $88                  Purchased in a series of 3 or more     $85/60 minutes

Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

     Therapeutic Massage                              

           This style of massage can be applied to the full body or specific problem spots depending on how you feel.  Different techniques

          help muscles relax and body improve in general wellness.  This session can range from gentle touch to deep tissue work.

                 30 minutes     $45                 60 minutes     $78                90 minutes     $110                 2 hours     $156

   Hot Stone Massage   

         Heated stones are used in combination with massage all over the body.  The end result is warmth and comfort from head to toe.

                       60 minutes     $88                             90 minutes     $120                               2 hours     $176

     Polarity Therapy

         Using a variety of touch and energetic movement, this technique can help bring the body into a state of clarity with subtle releases

         that assist in letting go of chronic pain and discomfort.

                                                60 minutes     $78                          90 minutes     $110

     Couples Massage

         Share your special time with a loved one.  Couples massage is a wonderful way to unwind together. The massages may be done in

           the same room or adjoining rooms.

                                               60 minutes     $156                          90 minutes     $220

Services & Prices

Yoga Classes

  All 75 minute classes are $12 or 4 classes for $40.

 All New Moon, Full Moon, Equinox and Solstice Yoga classes vary month to month.