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  PURE JOY STUDIO holds up to 8 yoga students or meeting groups up to 14 people. This room is fully equipped with folding chairs, tables and yoga props to use. If you are interested in using this space for a small class or group there are hourly rates to suit your needs. Please contact me at joyrubs@gmail.com.

     Wednesday evenings starting January 10th


                  Discussions on the 


                       Dr. Jiten Ruparel
                    (suggested $5 donation)



This is a very ancient and highly-celebrated text that precedes the Gita by centuries. Its mantras have been quoted by the Gita and by other Upanishads. There are three chapters with two sections in each. There are a total 
of sixty-five mantras. All sixty five mantras 
will be posted on the Vedanta Circle website 
VEDANTACIRCLE.COM before we start.
We will read and discuss about five mantras every time we meet in Vedanta Circle.
No previous formal training in Sanskrit or Vedic literature is necessary. The text is not a religious text but a spiritual one that will appeal to anyone who is looking for inner peace and happiness.
  You are invited to join in. 
Please contact Joy at joyrubs@gmail.com
or contact Dr. Jiten Ruparel at ruparel.jiten@gmail.com if you are interested 
in joining one or more of these discussions or have any questions. 


                          Thursday, January 25th

                 BE CURIOSITY WORKSHOP


                          Dr. Jann Offutt

     ~ Meets the last Thursday of every month ~



January 25th is the 2nd in our “And How Shall We Live” series.  The first explored for we start our day in relation to our bodies, our emotions and our spirit.  On the 25th we will explore how we can end our day in a more conscious, creative and helpful way.  Hope you can join us at 7 pm to learn about other ideas, beliefs and practices.

Contact Jann at docjann@gmail.com.


Wednesday, January 3rd ~ FULL MOON YOGA

Monday, January 15th ~ NEW MOON YOGA

Monday, January 29th ~ BLUE MOON YOGA


​              Joy Lawrence,LMT,RYT

​   All proceeds will be going to Stop the Suffering

Saving the lives of dogs and cats in rural Ohio shelters.

Join us for one, two or all three of these Moon Yoga classes designed to keep the lymph moving, joints lubricated, muscle nourished and mind peacefulfor one, two or all three of these Moon Yoga classes designed to keep the lymph moving, joints lubricated, muscles nourished and mind peaceful. 
Healthy movement and breath work with meditation to complete the 75 minutes of taking care of yourself...for a change. Hot tea and snacks after class. 

Open to everyone. Please contact Joy at joyrubs@gmail.com if you are able to attend or have any questions.


                      Saturday, January 20th  




                               Joy Lawrence





Ayurvedic practice (an ancient approach from India to keep the body/mind healthy) uses spices and herbs as medicine. In fact, all food is seen as medicine in Ayurveda.  If used properly we can enhance the way we live. Spices and herbs have been used to make beverages that help with digestive issues, headaches, cold and fever, detox and more. 
This interactive workshop will show you which spices make the best 'teas'  to see you through the seasons, stressful situations and just staying in the moment with the wonderful aromas that spices invoke. 
You will take home some recipes, tea balls and some mixtures of Ayurvedic teas that are sure 
to keep you happy and healthy in these cold winter months. 
Please contact Joy at joyrubs@gmail.com if you are interested in attending. 
We will be sampling all the teas we discuss!